The New Air Law Institute
Founded anew in 2013, the Air Law Institute is committed to advancing the study of air and space law at the intersection of engineering, law, and business. The Air Law Institute was founded in the spirit of the original established in 1929. For information about the original Air Law Institute please visit the link at the bottom of the page.

Ongoing Efforts

ALI funds STEM educational opportunities at every level, from elementary school through law school. Current projects include taking a group of middle-school students though the planning, budgeting, and building of a working model of NASA’s IKHANA aircraft, working with professional engineers and program managers at each phase mirroring the steps of building a real-life aircraft. ALI funds high school students from around the country to attend the annual Symposium, where they see working professionals in action, receive tours of local manufacturers in the aerospace industry, get a behind-the-scenes look at the San Diego Air and Space Museum, and attend an awards banquet where students are awarded scholarships to help fund their college educations. Other students participate in field trips to regional airports and flight simulator facilities.

ALI coordinates with California Western School of Law to ensure that the content of the annual Air & Space Law Symposium meets the standard required to provide CLE credit for practicing attorneys. In addition to sponsoring the annual Symposium, ALI plans to publish reports and opinions on matters related to air and space law, publish a journal, and continue providing scholarships and academic awards at all educational levels.

The Original Air Law Institute
“The Air Law Institute, affiliated with the Northwestern University Law School, was founded in 1929 to foster the development of American air law and provide information about air law worldwide. These goals were promoted by: providing scholarships and fellowships for its participants; issuing reports and opinions on matters relative to air law; sponsoring an air law Summer Institute and the ensuing, annual National Legislative Air Conference (a precursor of the National Association of State Aviation Officials); sending participants to international conferences and sponsoring lectures nationally; building a comprehensive reference library; and publishing two journals, the Journal of Air Law and the Journal of Radio Law, financed by private contributions.

The Institute was organized as a not-for-profit corporation, and was patterned after the German Institut für Luftrecht. The Institute’s reach spanned both academia and business, as evidenced in the fact that the president of its Board of Directors was Robert R. McCormick, editor and publisher of the Chicago Tribune. The Air Law Institute was in operation until 1940.”